Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to be released this Friday!

FINALLY!  The wait is over:  Minecraft for Xbox One will be released on Friday, September 5th 2014.  And yes, that means that the Xbox One version is being released before the PS4 version, which has been delayed because it failed to pass Sony's certification last August.

More great news confirmed by Larry Hryb yesterday: if you have bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360, you will have access to a special price for the Xbox One version, as it will be sold to you for 5.99$.  The regular price is set to 19.99$ for anyone else.  Please note that the physical version of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition should show up in time for the upcoming holidays.

Other cool stuff: any downloadable content you have previously bought for the Xbox 360 version will still be yours (texture packs, skins, etc...).  And you know what? Those cool world you spent so many hours building and/or blowing up (I have kids, and they love TNT...) will be transferable to your Xbox One.

As for the game itself, well, it's still Minecraft.  Textures won't be different, but the worlds are supposed to be 36 times larger than the ones you created on Xbox 360.  And the draw distance is improved, thanks to more powerful hardware on the Xbox One.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Diablo 3 Confirmed For Xbox One

After being announced for PS4 at the end of 2013, Blizzard finally confirmed that the latest installment of the Diablo franchise will also be released for Xbox One somewhere in 2014.

"Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition" will include the main game as well as the "Reaper of Souls" expansion that is set to release on PC and Mac on April 25th, 2014.

"Diablo 3" was originally released for PC and Mac back in May, 2012 and was rather well received by both critics and the gaming community.  The PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game were highly anticipated and received very good reviews upon release.  It is considered as one of the best game of it's genre on consoles.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Xbox One Available At Walmart (Online)

Yes,  you read that right!  Right now, just as you read these lines, Walmart has the Xbox One console in stock (see the update at the bottom of this post) on their online store.

Get to the ordering page, and fast!

We will update this post as soon as possible once the consoles are all sold.

Good luck!

UPDATE 14/12/2013: Sorry folks.  As of saturday morning, the website now mention that the Xbox One consoles are sold out online.

Battlefield 4 Update For Xbox One Rolls Out Today!

After enduring critical bugs, game-breaking glitches, self-destructing single-player campaign progress and unavoidable crashes to the dashboard, Battlefield 4 players on the Xbox One will finally receive the first major update to the game since it's official release (November 19th, a few days before the Xbox One console launch).

This morning, DICE announced on their forum that the update is finally being rolled out to X1 users, after being originally announced for the week of December 2nd.

You can view the official forum post here, as well as the official change log here.

The Battlefield community has been highly disappointed by the way DICE and EA handled the BF4 launch so far.  The game was plagued with so many bugs (on all platforms) that for some gamers, it was simply unplayable and not acceptable.  Most critics believe that EA rushed the product in order to avoid seeing "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" get the upper hand on the next-gen FPS market.  The results have been catastrophic for EA who saw it's share drop by 8% at the beginning of December, after reporting that both EA and DICE were halting future projects in order to fix the once highly-anticipated title.  It's also worth noting that EA is currently under investigation by an american law firm who believe the company might have mislead it's investors during the game development...

Let's hope that this patch does make the game more stable on the Xbox One.  Because let's admit it: it's one hell of a game... when it actually works.

EDIT 1: A lot of users are reporting that after applying the update plenty of problems persists.  Joining a "Conquest" quick match is still impossible.  What a let down...

EDIT 2: Users are reporting that the single player campaign still gets erased.  Bummer.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

System Update Rolling Out!

Yesterday Major Nelson announced on his blog that a System Update would be rolling out gradually to Xbox One consoles.  The update started being available on December 10th, 5:00 PM PT but depending on your geographic location, it might take a few hours (or days?) before you get it.  It is a mandatory update, so you cannot bypass this process unless your console is not connected to the Xbox Live service (i.e.: people living in a nuclear sub).

This update mainly improves the dashboard performance and updates some networks features.

The update should be downloaded once your console is in stand by mode for a certain period of time.  Once the required package has been downloaded, you console will automatically shut down, meaning that the next time you want to turn your console on, the "Xbox On" vocal command won't be working - you will have to reach for that power button that most of us forgot about since the X1 came out...

This might cause some confusion among users as a lot of people will wonder why the vocal command is suddenly not working in the morning.   As far as we can tell, this process is required because the update has to be applied during a cold boot sequence (from the device being completely turned off to booting into the OS).  Even if this update method looks quite effective from a technical point of view (as well as a time-saver compared to the updates we have for Windows), this is clearly not the most user-friendly way to update a console.

Please remember not to turn off your console while the update is being applied as this could have some serious consequences.  Wait until the dashboard shows up and be aware that some users have a reported that this operation can last up to 15 minutes in some cases.  If the screen stays black for a while, do not panic and let the update do it's things, it's "kind of" a normal behavior.

If you want to know if your console has been updated, simply get to the Console Info screen:
Apps & Games --> Settings --> System --> Console Info

Once on the Console Info screen, locate the version number and compare it to the following version numbers:

Previous version number: 6.2.10210.0(xb_rel_launch 131118-1159)
New version number: 6.2.10217.0 (xb_rel_launch.131205-2200)

For the complete description of the patch, please refer to Major Nelson's post.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Peggle 2 Now Available!

Today, the follow-up to the classic Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game "Peggle" (2009) is being released for Xbox One.  This title is a timed-exclusive on the X1, meaning that for the moment it's only available on the Xbox One but other platforms will also have it a later time.

As far as game design changes go, this new version now implements Kinect support, allowing players to shoot using their hands and voice.  A new mode is also introduced, called "Peg Party" that allows up to 4 players to compete against each other.  Gamer points addicts will also love that 1000 points are available to unlock in this game.

"Peggle 2" costs 11.99$ and the download size weighs in at 1.72GB.

Source :

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hot Deal: Xbox Live Gold for 39.99$

Good news for Canadian gamers: right now on, you can get your hands on a 12-Month Xbox Live Gold membership for 39.99$.  That's a 20$ rebate...  Not bad!

Once the deal is over, we will do our best to update this post in a timely manner.


UPDATE 2013/12/10 : The deal is over.  Sorry folks!